How to Move files dynamic in For each file activity?

can someone show me example of moving files dynamic with timestamp ?

Hi @Nightowl_music

Could you be more elaborate the query.

Are you asking to rename the moving file. If it Is the question.

  • Assign → FolderPath = “Give your folder path here”
  • Assign → FileName = FolderPath+“/”+CurrentFile.Name.toString+" "+DateTime.Now.toString (“dd/MM/yyy”)+CurrentFile.Extension.

Inside the for each file in folder activity place the above two assigns.

In the Move file activity in the To field pass the FileName variable where we created in second assign activity.

Hope it helps!!


In the to field use this

Path.Combine(FolderPath,Currentfile.Name + Now.ToString("MMddyyyyhhmmss") + currentfile.Extension)

Here folderpath is a variable which contains the destination folder path

This will append the filename with timestamp and move it


in which do I write this?


In the to field of move file


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