Are there any limitations in queue item attributes?

Hi UiPath Community,
are there any limitations regarding the queue item attributes?

  • How many different attributes may exist in a queue item?
  • How many charcters are excepted in a queue item attribute of type string?

I haven’t found this information inthe documentation

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I’ve never run into any limitations on these things. I’m sure there are technical limitations (ie database etc) but so far they’re such high limits I’ve never had a problem. Curious why you’re asking. Are you having a specific problem?

The primary limitation of queues is the values are limited to simple datatypes (so no datatables, dictionaries, etc ie complex datatypes)

Hi Paul,
many thanks for your reply.

We are planning to tether some information between two applications.
So depending on the different sources, the input arguments may have a lot of attributes and maybe large description attributes, but actually we don’t know at this moment.

Hey @jodroenn

The default size for queue item content is 1MB.


The maximum size of Specific Data content for new queue items, in kilobytes. For clean Orchestrator installations, this parameter is hidden and has a default value of 1024 (1MB). In upgrade scenarios, this parameter is visible and has a value of 204800 (200MB).

Reference - ⚙ UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config

Hope this helps.


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