Change Queue.MaxSpecificDataSizeInKiloBytes

Hi, I need to manage with jobs that have attached excel files larger than 1MB.

I’ve read that there is a limit of 1MB in the size of queue items, but in the UiPath reference you can read the following:


How and where can I change Queue.MaxSpecificDataSizeInKiloBytes to allow queue items for more than 1MB.

Thanks in advance

Have you considered saving the excel files in a network drive and just passing the filepath in the queue items?

You could also consider Storage Buckets: About Storage Buckets

Yes, I have considered saving that Excel in a file system and then recovering them, but the complication of doing this well when errors occur and more than one request has been received and you have to store the file by renaming it with a unique name to respond later to the user with the original name, these are complications that I would not have if only files larger than 1MB were admitted.

I’ll take a look at Storage Buckets.

Thans for your answer.


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