Apps VB and Upload to storage bucket with file uploader component : how to get autogenerated filename

Hello, i want to migrate a legacy app but i don’t know how to manage to get the uploaded autogenerated filename in a VB App.

I’ve seen this usefull video : Upload and Download Files in UiPath VB Apps - UiPath VB Apps Tutorial - YouTube

But in his interface he got the possibility to write Page.fileUploaderComponent.UploadFileToStorageBucket.UploadedFileName

On my interface, UploadFileToStorageBucket.UploadedFileName this is not recognized as a property of my file uploader object

What is missing or someone else have managed to do this on a new VB App ?

Thanks !

Note : as you can see here, no property available called UploadFileToStorageBucket

@Matt67 ,

Are you writing a rules on button event then do please as below.

For example if the rule is present on a Button in the MainPage:


Hello @Arvind_Kumar1

Thank you very much, worked as you described ! mechanism is not what I expected but now I will know :slight_smile: we can mark as solved !

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