Apps - Can calculate date or time on control?

I’m trying to create test app for applicating vacations.
I want to add date time picker and set validation that input date must be newer than tomorrow.

Is there any way to calculate date or time in apps?
If so, let us show how to do it.

Apps で 「休暇申請」を作成しています。


Konnichiwa @cheez_RPA ,

Yes you can add Date Time picker and set validation to it as well.

For this you will have to install following package:


After that use Create Form Activity, from this activity you can create your own form, and can include date time picker and set validation to it as well.

Following screenshots are for reference:


And finally here is the documentation for this activity:

Thanks for your reply but my question is not about form on Studio, but Apps on Automation Cloud.

I see…I will be following your post to my improve my knowledge as well :smile:

Hi @cheez_RPA,

Did you already find a way to calculate days/hours in the app? I spent a few hours today and unfortunately couldn’t find a solution.

@cheez_RPA ,

Yes you can do it please follow the below approach.

  1. Go to Calendar control where you want to put validation
  2. Go to General section in Date time control
  3. Set Min or Max Date for validation as below

E.g I have set Min date should be today . Now if I run the page and select less than today date then below error message will get populated.

Please try and let me know if you have any query.