Application / Browser has a unique website

I’m having difficulty with the “use browser” feature in StudioX and I’m hoping that someone out there can help me :slight_smile:

We use an IT ticketing system called Service Now. In my automation, I have the Bot log into Service now via the website. Each time we put in an IT ticket and select “order now”, it then automatically opens a new browser / creates a unique Request # ( which has a unique URL attached to it ).

In creating the automation, I select “indicate application to automate” but then it pulls this unique browser URL that is attached to a specific ticket number.

I’ve tried not creating a new “use browser/application” (using the record feature) but then the Bot gets hung up once it realizes it’s in a new browser and stops working.

Any help or advice you have is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

have a look here:

and check if wildcarding the ticket No in url will help