Append .txt file

How do I append text to a .txt file? The Write Text File activity description says existing text is overwritten, and there is no Append Text file activity for .txt files


Yes there is not Append text file, so you can first use read text file and read the data then use assign statement and concatenate you above output from read text file and the text you want to append and finally use write text file activity.

Read the text file to a variable first and then append the data to the variable then write the text file.


Use Append line activity to add text to the existing .txt file.



Please use a attached file which will read one text file and append text into second text file.

AppendTextFile.xaml (6.8 KB)

You will have to make two text files and change my text path with you text path.


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This solution might be helpful to you…

you can find a sample xaml file there…

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