Append System.String to Array



For the list you need to initialize
new list(of string)
can you try this once

we can avoid the loop as well

valList | List(Of String) is already present and at least initialized [ new List(Of String)() ] or filled

Assign activity
valList = valList.Concat(neededVal).toList()

when the string elements really need the value.toString access we would do:

valList = valList.Concat(neededVal.Select(Function (x) x.Value.ToString)).toList()

Hi @Destiny_Malone

Follow the below steps to append the items in array to list.
=> Take an assign activity and initialize the list. Let say List variable called ListVar
- Assign → ListVar = New List(Of String)()
=> Use for each to iterate the array. Output - CurrentItem
=> Inside for each place an append to list activity and append the values in the array to list

With above process the array values are append to list.

Hope it helps!!

I want to hug you. I’ve been stuck for weeks on this.

Thank you!!!

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Thank you @Destiny_Malone

Remind this, When you want to create a list, create a list variable and initialize it first then it will work.

Happy Automation!!

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