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how is it possible to append subsequent strings at the end of an array (which is initially empty)?
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You can get the length of the array using array.length.

Then use assign activity as

array(count+1) =
“value you want to append”


I don’t know if it’s the best method, but I use the .Concat() when wanting to add items to arrays.


or you can use an array variable inside the parenthesis.



Oh also with my previous suggestion, the array initially needs a value, even if it’s an empty array. So initialize it as {}, if you can


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And hot to print all values in the array in an excel cell of an Excel file?
it’s a lista of name of files and I should report it in a cell.
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To output an array to a string, so you can assign to a cell, you can use String.Join()

String.Join(", ",arrvariable)

That can be done in many ways @CamiCat,

  1. Use excel application scope
  2. initialize a variable of type integer assuming as count
  3. Loop through the array inside excel application scope
  4. use write cell activity and give the value as item (for each value) and range as “A” + count.tostring
  5. Increment the value as count = count + 1
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Thank you so much for your precious help @ClaytonM.

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Thank you so much @HareeshMR for your help.
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