Append row to Excel


I have 5 files that i’m trying to collect the data from, and once complete, add all of the data to a separate summary excel file.

I’m counting the files & if the file count is greater that 0, append to file, but i’m just getting an error message.
All the files have their data on the same sheet within the respective documents.

Is their a straightforward way to do this?

Hello @qwerty1,

If I understood correctly you can achieve it with MergeDataTable activity.
Here is an example, (36.8 KB)


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this could be implemented. Please do let us know the format of 5 files? whether these files are excel sheets or any other application?
if the data is in excel sheet, you may read the content from each sheet of each excel file and merge into one data-table. repeat the same for other files within loop.

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That’s great, thank you.
Really appreciate the example file too!

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