Append month wise date in Excel

Hi All,

I have an excel to tracking month wise attendance for my team, In that i need a big help from you guys.

In Excel, month column (“AJ”), Dynamically paste the month wise dates.

So Can anyone help me to create bot.

Vinoth Kumar Attendance.xlsx (169.6 KB)

So, you need to pick the values and sort them based on the month @VINOTH_KUMAR_R. Is that the requirement you have now?

Or can you explain the clear scenario of what you are trying to do?

Thanks for your reply Hareesh. In excel i have pasted upto Jan month data. So after i paste the jan month data dynamically on the next row(month Column “AJ”) “01-01-2020” have to print. So could you please help me on this.

You can use write cell activity to write the same value by providing the dynamic range to it so that it will write the same value in the next row as well till you need, else write all the rows you want to and then use auto fill range activity which will write the data in the required cellss

Thank you so much for your help… Actually that works… But need to find the “AJ” column last row…
Do you have suggestion.??

You can read the column using read column activity which will give you the array and it is easy to find the length of the array so you can have the required value

Could you show me any sample. So that i can understand easily

Heyy, I missed it entirely, we will get Ienumerable when we use read column activity which is used to iterate but it is not possible to get the length of it. You can use the read range activity and get the entire data table and then you will have the number of rows in the data table but not for the required column. Let me know if this helps you

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Its Works great Hareesh… Thank you so much. :wink:

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