Append Data From different Excel files to one file without Column headers

I have 3 excel file with the same column headers, I want to append the data from all this 3 excel to one excel file
However when I try that, it appends even the headers.
Kindly help

did you use append range activity? What was implemented so far?

Yes, i have used append range but its getting the column headers after appending the data for each file
Here is a dummy example of what the excel file looks like when I use append


So i don’t want to have a repeat of the column headers, it should just be at the top only

and when read in the data was addHeaders activated for a read range. Otherwise show some details from the implementation and flow

yes i have checked the add headers
Here is how i have implemented it,


Hi @pattwagunyi
you can merge data table simply if you have same columns
Here I am merging multiple different months files in one file.
Systems1_MargeMonthlyReports.xaml (15.7 KB)

Its not working, the data keep repeating itself

Hello @pattwagunyi
Its better to use an excel template with the headers. For each automation you can copy that template to a folder and use that file to append the range. In the append range enable “Add header”

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