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I need help…
my source data have 3 rows, but when i try to read and write into another excel sheet using the append activity. The new target sheet create many blank rows before “writing” my source data.
Upon 2nd run, the script then append correctly.
Can someone please help on why the blank rows are created in e first place?

Hi @f5f191b0815b26e83996fd67f

Try like this




Hi @f5f191b0815b26e83996fd67f ,

We would need to understand what is the Destination file or Sheet, was it already existing before?

If so, there might be a space in any one of the cells and that is why it might be considering that there are data present in the sheet and When you perform the Append Range activity, it appends the data after that row.

Or there is a possibility also that the Source data contains empty rows in the beginning (should not be the case).

Hi @f5f191b0815b26e83996fd67f

use the read range activity and then use the append range activity.

Hope it works

The destination sheet is a new sheet. With only the header…


The destination file is already present?

just to confirm if it is already present then open the file…select all the rows and right click and delete…to make sure any spaces or formatted cells are deleted …


@f5f191b0815b26e83996fd67f ,

As already mentioned, Try Clearing the data in the destination sheet. Also, You could copy just the Header to a different sheet and delete the previous sheet and rename the new sheet as required.

This way we are making sure that there is no extra data present other than the Headers.

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