Append a variable in the Email Body

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As im a beginner , i’m trying to explore the send outlook mail message option and i got stuck at appending a variable into the Email Body. Please find the below reference where i need help.
Thanks in Advance.

@ppratz could you ellaborate what you have exactly wrote in body ?

Unable to process the request because it has error -(variablename will come here)

Ui Path

@ppratz So you want to print like this in your body part?

“Hi,”+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+"Unable to process "+username


Yes thats correct

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“Hi,”+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+“Unable to process the request because it has error”+Variable1+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+“Thanks,”+Environment.NewLine+“Uipath”

Variable1=“Error message : Invalid data”


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