API To Add User In Orchestrator

How to add Attended Robot to an existing user using Orchestrator API ?

Ensure to create this request in swagger under the POST method "/odata/Users". Also, change the tenant key with the tenant key. To get the Tenant key use -"orchestratorURL/swagger/index.html#/Users/Users_GetCurrentUser"

API to Add the user:

{"Name": "A j",

"Surname": "D i",

"UserName": "A j",

"Domain": null,

"EmailAddress": "abc@uipath.com",

"Password": "",

"RolesList": [




"TenancyName": "Default",

"TenantDisplayName": "Default",

"TenantKey": "2c79a31d-1ed3-4f91-8f8f-856db248f51a",

"Type": "User",

"ProvisionType": "Manual",

"LicenseType": "Attended",

"RobotProvision": {

"UserName": "uipath\\A j.D i",

"RobotType": "Attended"