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Can you please assist me on this one I am kind of new into using XML in UiPath, but the process goes like:
I have an API, and I have to extract some values from outlook email body and put it on this API to search for available cases on this respond app. I have tested the API and it works. So the values I get from the email which is ID and Policy number I put them onto the API.

And then this after the search I use this for filling in more values in the API fields here but before using this one below, I take the values from excel file and into this API

extracting data from email and from excel file I have done that part already, the part I need is the API XML part.

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1 ,

Correct me if I am wrong, do you want to parse your XML string and get value of specific fields?

If yes, follow the article: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/developer/read-and-deserialize-a-xml-file
You are required to install a package UiPath.WebAPI.Activities and then you can deserialize XML.

I want to take values and parse them onto those fields in the API and hit send on the API, so after I hit send they will get populated onto that APP

Just share with us the XML as a Text file along with the details, what is to set / what is to read

Can a bot just put values on here on these fields, please advise me on how I should do it. I just want to put the values I got from outlook and excel file the fields there on the API

we would assume Yes

  • Filter all expressions elements on field = Contact.IDNumber
  • set the value of the value element to: “Your Value”

As mentioned above. If further assistance is needed:

Alright, will share…do you have some example of the flow here on how I could use it

new 1.txt (627 Bytes)

output - xDoc | DataType: XDocument

Find the element to update:

So we can check if element was found e.g. with a null check

Value Update:

Thank you for this, I am also be using RE Framework

With the demo we showcased how the change XML Element values. We do feel that the topic can be closed

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