API for resetting user passwords


Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide or example for updating user Orchestrator passwords via an API call? We have an on-premise server which is hosted on a different part of our network which prevents me connecting a mail server to Orchestrator. Long story short, we have a lot of users forgetting their passwords and are unable to click reset.
What I’m wanting to do is build a form which will allow me to submit a request with the user details and update their password. I’ve tried doing a get with the user ID then editing only the password field before sending via post but to no avail. Just tells me the JSON file is invalid, same result in Postman. I’m quite new to APIs so there is probably some glaring error I’m making so any direction to where I can read more about this would be appreciated



Please check this…I guess this would help


Great thank you. I’d not managed to find that topic on the search!

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