API Authentication using Google account credentials

According to this section of the Orchestraor API docs:

The authentication system for the UiPath Orchestrator API uses a bearer token. It requires you to use the credentials you also use to log in to the user interface

My question is this: if I created my UiPath instance to log in with my Google account on the UI, then what credentials should I use to get a bearer token with? Initially I assumed it was my Google account credentials, i.e.

	"tenancyName": "jonathanDefault",
	"userNameOrEmailAddress": "<My gmail address>",
	"password": "<My Google account password>"

But when I try this using postman I get

    "message": "Invalid credentials, failed to login.",
    "errorCode": 1000,
    "resourceIds": null

Any guidance would be much appreciated

@Jonny_Rogers- check this

That seems extremely convoluted, especially as I’m trying to authenticate dynamically. Surely I should be able to use my account details to get a bearer token?

EDIT: Also that appears to be for the 2019 beta version, whereas I’m using v2019.5.0, which I assume is the 2019 fast track version? That doesn’t have the same section in its API documentation.

anyone have answer for that ? i m looking for it as well thanks

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Hi there, could you find any solution? It’s 2022 and still no response :cry: