Hi all,

I'm trying some capabilities of Orchestrator API and i'm having a problem with Add Queue Item POST action.

At the moment i have the next raw body in POSTMAN:


The output is supposed to be a queue item with this information in SpecifContent:

inputs : {“key1”:“value1”}

But instead of the previous one i get:

inputs : {\“key1\”:\“value1\”}

Does anyone know why this happen? Is there any other way to send a JSON as value for a key?

I have read the next post where it's says that the functionallity is not availble but the post is from 2018. If the answer of the post is still valid, will the possibility be available at some point?

And last but not least, i have Orchestrator v2020.4.1


Unfortunately complex types are still not supported as specific content.

An alternative in that case could be something like the following:

  "itemData": {
    "Priority": "High",
    "DeferDate": "2020-08-21T13:42:27.654Z",
    "DueDate": "2020-08-25T13:42:27.654Z",
    "Name": "MyQueue",
    "SpecificContent": {
      "key1": "value1", 
      "key2": "value2"