Rest API to Add Queue item

Hello All,

I am trying to post an input to add Queue item into UiPath cloud but this is not working and same input is working on OnPrem orchestrator

Here is our input.

{“itemData”: {“Name”: “AP_0008_CreateOrder_New”,“Priority”: “Normal” , “Reference”: " ID ", “SpecificContent”: {TaxStampID@odata.type: “#String”,“TaxStampID”: “123”,TimeStamp@odata.type: “#String”,“TimeStamp”: “12/12/2022”}}}

We are getting error data not serialized.



Hi @Arvind_Kumar1 ,

The input json you provided seems to be in wrong json format. could you please try like below.

“itemData”: {
“Priority”: “Normal”,
“Name”: “AP_0008_CreateOrder_New”,
“SpecificContent”: {
“TaxStampID@odata.type”: “#String”,
“TaxStampID”: “123”,
“TimeStamp@odata.type”: “#String”,
“TimeStamp”: “12/12/2022”
“Reference”: “ID”

refer the below postman link for further reference on how to provide input json for the add queue item api. just sharing my thoughts on this. thanks.


we have similar issue with this too @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Try this:

Method: POST

Authorization: Bearer + access_token


X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId: FOLDER_ID
Content-Type: application/json

Body of type JSON

	"itemData": {
		"Priority": "Normal",
		"DeferDate": "2022-03-21T13:42:27.654Z",
		"DueDate": "2022-03-25T13:42:27.654Z",
		"Name": "Queue_2",
		"Reference": "marian_test_q_item_2",
		"SpecificContent": {
			"Email": "",
			"Name": "Marian Test"

Note: Try to not add special characters such us @, # … in the column header. Try to use CamelCase naming.

For example for TimeStamp@odata.type try with TimeStampOdataType

Let us know if this helped.

@marian.platonov ,

Tried above but this is not working for me. I have given input as below.

{“itemData”: {“Name”: “AP_0008_CreateOrder_New”,“Priority”: “Normal” , “Reference”: “1212”, “SpecificContent”: {TaxStampIDOdata.type: “String”,“TaxStampID”: “121”,TimeStampOdata.type: “String”,“TimeStamp”: “12/12/2022”}}}

Try with this body

	"itemData": {
		"Name": "AP_0008_CreateOrder_New",
		"Priority": "Normal",
		"Reference": "1212",
		"SpecificContent": {
			"TaxStampIDOdataType": "String",
			"TaxStampID": "121",
			"TimeStampOdataType": "String",
			"TimeStamp": "2022-12-12"