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Hi all, I am currently in the selectors section of the academy and am attempting to complete the anyteller assigment. However, I keep running into the issue of adding a variable in the selector editor. When I press control S, I do not have the option of entering a variable and when I follow the instructional video and put my variable in brackets {{countOption}} I am still left with a validation error. I have also attempted to put the variable inside of double quotes “+countOption+” as advised before but for this tutorial this doesn’t seem to work either. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. AnyTeller2


Hi @kodm

Can you try to read this article ,this might be helpful to you .

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Hi @pattyricarte, thank you very much for your help, the article was very handy but unfortunately when I right click the variable I want to change nothing pops up and I am not given the option to choose or create a new variable :slightly_frowning_face: , I’m not sure if its the version of UIPath I have (2018.4.5) might be causing the issue but I have a feeling thats not why. Any advice?


@pattyricarte Hi Patty, so quick update, I managed to try this (right clicking) on a newer version of UIPath and it seems to work however if I am limited to only the 2018 version, is there another way of manually entering the selector variable? Thank you.


Hi @kodm

The old method would be to go to the Properties panel and edit the selector string directly in the small text box there (without using the Selector Editor).

The easiest is to copy it to Notepad, editing it there and pasting it back in.

This way you can inject this bit quite easily " + countOption + "


Hi @loginerror, thank you very much for your help. I believe doing this works as intended however the tutorial “fine tuning selectors with variables” might have an error. During the tutorial when he adds the " + countOption + " method in the selector editor, it never validates and shows as red x but somehow the program still runs in the video.

@loginerror After trying out the notepad example you have put online but instead using a manual string entry option it worked perfectly. Like you said it must be put inside the single quotation marks with double quotations. Example: ‘“+menuOption+”’

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