Anybody experience Powerpoint Activities's irregular error?

I made a project using Powerpoint activities one year ago

During one year, my project had made errors many times
But I can not find out why it breaks

Most important problem is those errors don’t occur same part.
At least several part were the problem
But every problem happened only in powerpoint activities

The most strangest thing was that after running it for a few days, there were no problems.
And then after that problems occur again.

Of course it was same trying after rebooting.

Some day it happened at adding textbox
Some day adding slide or copy and paste slide

An error occurred when adding a text box, but strangely enough, the error occurred on the 4th or 5th out of 7 repeated execution attempts.
Until 5th it works rightly.

I guess this is due to a bug.

So I am wonder is there anybody experience similar error like me.


What error are you getting

And if possible share a sample here