Use PowerPoint Presentation: Cannot open PowerPoint

I just want to use PowerPoint activities, which UiPath.Presentations.Activities is provided. I run into issues while the workflow is trying to open PowerPoint.

I had tried to:

  • Repair Tool for Microsoft Office
  • Check the security settings of file
  • Start Process, it opens pptx file but the other activities of package need to use the reference which is given in the Use PowerPoint Presentation Activity.

How can I handle that?


@bzural Kindly show us snap !

Hello @bzural

If you want to use the powerpoint activities then you have to use " use PowerPoint activity" as the container.

May I know you are facing the same issue for all powerpoint files? If you havent tested can you create a sample ppt file and try to use it in “use PowerPoint activity” for a testing purpose.

if still error is happening, just try to update the powerpoint package

Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

Here you are

Yes, I used Use PowerPoint Presentation Activity as container. But actually this activity gives error. I updated packages. But there is still error.


Can you try with an another dummy ppt and check whether you are getting the same error.

Could you please show the file ?

Hope that’s not corrupted or something !

Yes, I got the same error.

It seems the file is working properly.

@bzural Are you clicking on the folder icon and selecting the file? or dirreclty pasting the file path?

Also is there any restrictions in that folder to access the files?

I tried the both way also by clicking on the folder icon and pasting the file path.

I checked there is no restrictions to access file. Also tried to move the file into the project to be sure access rights do not make this problem.

Try updating the powerpoint package.


Which package are you using?

Hello @bzural

Its uipath.powerpoint.activities. But wth UiPath.presentation.activities, im also getting the error and raised a activity feedback.

I hope it will be solved.I do not know how to handle. Should I use Invoke VBA activity, if it is not solved in the following days.

I think custom activities are available for ppt autoamtion. Let me check.

better to wait if are not ok to use the custom activities.

Hey @bzural

What’s your power point activity package version please ?



Okay will check from my side too.

Have you tried with any other PPT file please?

:frowning: Yes, I have tried it, too.

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