Any Changes need to be done when am moving to Enterprise edition



Hi Guys,

We are planning to deploy the package generated in CE into Enterprise Orchestrator.
Will be there any problem while moving the package to Enterprise Edition Orchestrator.

Whether we need to approach any different deployment process for CE Orchestrator and Enterprise Orchestrator?What differs?


You no need to change anything except while creating robot in the Orchestrator, set the type of robot to Production (instead of development) if it is production deployment.


Thanks @KarthikByggari

So i can use the same package into Enterprise Orchestrator only thing i need to do set up the Robot and other stuffs(Environments etc.). am i right?


Yes. There is no difference in publishing the package.


Perfect thanks @KarthikByggari for your quick response.

@KarthikByggari i like to ask you one more thing.

Did you used the RE Framework. do u have any idea on that?


Yes. Developed bots and working with Re framework.
It is clearly explained in advanced tutorial in academy.
And there are many videos on youtube. Have a look.


Okay @KarthikByggari thank you will take a look into that



As we discussed i got a clear picture that we will not have any change to Publish the Package.

But, anything will we need to prepare do to move from Community edition to enterprise edition?