Orchestrator Setup Issue - Confusion

Hi there,

I have just started Orchestrator 2016.2 tutorial.
Please excuse my explanation of the issue - I am confused

I am using community edition.I am trying to run a sequence using a robot. I have created a tenant and I have also published that sequence however I cant see the package. I am not sure why but post that I am totally blank as in what has to be done. Can someone please guide me step by step how to achieve this.


Have you connected your robot to Orchestrator?


Thanks @tmays
I got that done as per the doc and things are fine. Connection done and am able to run the jobs.
This is something that I was trying at home.
Now if I have to try the same in office environment where I don’t have admin rights. What would be the challenges that I can face?
Also, in office do I have to create a seperate tenant or I can use the same its just that I need to configure the settings with the same Key and URL?

it works well with our enterprise edition except CE.Your current edition limited to certain features.if you want all continue with Enterprise Edition

Yeah I guess thats where the difference of CE and Enterprise Edition would be.
I have one more doubt. I guess that this will be taken care of in the Enterprise edition only but I wanted to understand
While creating connection between Robot and Orchestrator we need to give Username and password of the system in provisioning the robot. Does that mean in the office environment if we are deploying robots in 50 systems, do I need to know username and passwords for all those 50 systems?

Anshul Agarwal

get enough knowledge in basic connection for single bot later you get to know easily, please try to make it complete the above process you learn a lot from it.

Hi @anshulagarwal

This will help you.


Thanks @balupad14
I have got that done few days back

Anshul Agarwal

As per my Discussion with UiPath People, there won’t be any limitation regarding features between CE and Enterprise except in No. of robots