Announcing Schema Export/Import: Move schema between Data Service tenants

I am happy to announce that Schema Export/Import is now available in Data Service!

Use this feature to:

  • Implement ALM best-practices by moving schema that your automations depend on through your organizations development → test → production tenants
  • Share Data Service schema with the community for solutions you’ve developed

With this feature, you can:

  • Export the entire schema (all entities, choice sets and relationships) from a Data Service tenant in just a few clicks
    The exported schema is downloaded to your local machine as a JSON file, enabling you to check it in to source control for versioning and use it with text-comparison tools to identify changes

  • Import a schema file into any Data Service tenant
    By importing a schema file, you create entities, fields, choice sets and relationships in the tenant that don’t already exist in it.

Access to this functionality can be governed via role-based permissions in Data Service:

  • The view schema permission is required to export Data Service schema from a tenant
  • The customize schema permission is required to import schema into a Data Service tenant

Learn more about schema export/import from our documentation: Schema export and import

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