ANNOUNCEMENT: Insider Preview (Beta) is Now Available for Orchestrator Mobile

ANNOUNCEMENT: Insider Preview (Beta) is Now Available for Orchestrator Mobile

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We would like to ask for your participation to preview and provide feedback on the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App. This is the first v1 launch and would love to get your perspective to shape our roadmap.

UiPath Orchestrator Mobile is the first mobile app to allow you to securely monitor your RPA environment from anywhere at any time. Now you can receive alerts in real-time on the performance of your digital workforce. Get instant insight into the performance of your robots with at a glance dashboard. Easily track your robots, jobs and schedules on the go and never miss an alert again.

To use UiPath Orchestrator Mobile you must:

  1. Be running UiPath Orchestrator version 18.3.x or higher.
  2. Have an existing account on an Orchestrator Instance.
  3. Supported with iOS version 11.0 and higher OR Android version 5.0 and higher.
  4. English is supported only at this time.
  5. Optimized UI experience on Smart Phone.

UiPath Orchestrator Mobile delivers:

  • Instant alerts on the status of your automation health and RPA system state for faster response.
  • Filtering and search of alerts by severity, message, component, and time leads to easy access of detailed information.
  • Visual and easy to understand dashboards and charts providing performance insights.
  • Visibility into job and robot status.
  • Drill down data including type, status and logs for robots, machines, jobs, and schedules.
  • Graphical view of license usage for better license management.

Please review the following information:

  • Terms & Conditions – To review the terms and conditions statement for this program, click HERE
  • Installing UiPath Orchestrator Mobile for iPhone, click HERE
  • Installing UiPath Orchestrator Mobile for Android, click HERE
  • Report issues or feedback for the UiPath Orchestrator Mobile HERE

Click on the App Store Download links:
Google Play
Apple App Store

For general inquiry on the Insider Preview Program, please contact Insider Helpdesk


UiPath Insider Preview Program


Checked apps. Really cool.


Monitoring will be so easy by this cool app!


Awesome :slight_smile:


Hi All,

It is excellent app. Really superb. So many features.

1.ROBOT => Robot Detail => View logs (wonderful. It helps to know about process status at robot)
2. Very nice dash board.

Note :slight_smile:
Only one suggestion. Before exit from the application, Ask the conformation that “Do you want to exit from the App” something like.



Are you talking about this pop up ?


Good job, It may seem gagdet at first but I am certain this would be adding a lot of value for people taking transports in the morning, traveling or running all day around meeting rooms!

App looks splendid!



Hey there,

i love the possiblity to quick check the status of the rpa environment. The look and feel is also great. It also supports fingerprints to remove the need to type a password again and again and again.

Great work :slight_smile:



downloaded and played with it for quick minutes or so. Easy to navigate , neat and quick …



You will be asked for the url of your orchestrator instance



Very cool! Trying it out now. Will report back with my thoughts.


This is a great suggestion, Erik!

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I wonder if the Orchestrator installed in the intranet,any settings to change with using Orchestrator Mobile?

You can connect to on premise instances of Orchestrator if you have the mobile device connected to the same LAN (via WiFi) or if you have the instance exposed to the internet.