AND/OR condition challenges in Filter Datatable activity

Dear Fellow UiPather,

Recently I have a doubt on the result of filtering datatable.

If I need to apply multiple conditions to the table such as below, then I’m not able to picture the results:

On the contrary, if I need to use a bit complex conditions and write in below format, how can i use filter activity to achieve it?

  1. (Cond_1 AND Cond_2 AND Cond_3) OR (Cond_4 AND Cond_5) OR (Cond_6 AND Cond_7)
    2.(Cond_1 AND Cond_2) OR ((Cond_4 OR Cond_5) AND (Cond_6 OR Cond_7))

Hope someone can help here!



put some value in given screenshot
Then it will work


I do not think the filter wizard is the best way to achieve this. See here:

If you’d go for the last variant, LINQ, the expression would be something like this:

(From row In MyDataTable.Select()
Where (row(“col_1”).Equals(“something”) && row(“col_1”).Equals(“something”))
|| row(“col_3”).Equals(“something”)

Select r).CopyToDataTable

? Here are some LINQ snippets to look at:

But as you see this is not so elegant.

What about filtering the table one time for (Cond_1 AND Cond_2 AND Cond_3), one time for (Cond_4 AND Cond_5), and so on? This would give you several output tables. Sometimes this is useful. It depends on what you want to do with the data table.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I’ll try it out.

As explained by you, the “filter” activity doesn’t look good for heavy duty jobs. And we need to turn to scripting :slight_smile: