Anchor Base faulted

Dear All,

I am having some trouble understanding the dynamics of Anchor Base in this subworkflow SearchCriteriaWorkflow.xaml (30.9 KB) . The error I get is:

Blockquote RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.
at UiPath.Core.Activities.AnchorBase.OnFaulted(NativeActivityFaultContext faultContext,
Exception propagatedException,
ActivityInstance propagatedFrom)
at System.Activities.Runtime.FaultCallbackWrapper.Invoke(NativeActivityFaultContext faultContext,
Exception propagatedException,
ActivityInstance propagatedFrom)
at System.Activities.Runtime.FaultCallbackWrapper.FaultWorkItem.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor,
BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)

However the value in Type Into activity is of correct format and range (String). Also, when I do a workaround - I put Type Into Activity outisde of Anchor Base, I open it in UI explorer, where I first Indicate the Element and then Indicate the Anchor (“contains”), it works fine. So only Anchor Base activity: Find Element/Find Image (this piece works) | Type Into (this piece throws the above error).

Any idea what might cause it?

@salladinne Can I know the two activities in Anchor Base what you have used?

@supermanPunch It was Type Into and Select Item

@salladinne So the anchor was type into activity?

No, they were the result activity, the anchor were Find Element or Find Image. You can see how the workflow worked exactly in the xaml from the first message in this thread. The Anchor Base activities are the ones commented out (7th and 9th step in “Do” container") I replaced them with the activities based on UIExplorer “Indicate Anchor” option, which are respectively one step before (6th & 8th).

However I would like to know why I do need to find workarounds, since I would prefer Anchor Base to work properly.

@salladinne Yeah there’s a problem when I try to open your xaml file, some parts there are activities missing and because of that it has errors :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch Can you point which activities are missing?

I opened the workflow and indeed the informative screenshots are missing due to opening externally (you will not be able to run the process because it interacts with UI elements of an internal app), but the title of activities are pretty self-explanatory.

However, I was hoping someone could spot a mistake just by looking at the general logic of the workflow. :slight_smile:

Is there any alternative option for anchor base activity?