An error occurs in executing a python script

Hi all,
I have a problem about executing python script
I followed like this link :
But cannot success :frowning:

캡처 캡처2 캡처3

Here are specifics and error message above,
and the python code below

please help !

May I know what is the python version mentioned
Cheers @kang0068

Hi @Palaniyappan,
The version of python is 3.6.6

Kindly install 3.6 and try once

Thank you for your advice
I tried it, but the result was same…

Can I have a view on property panel of python scope if possible

Of course
here it is

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I think the issue with file pathKindly check them once like mention them with the filepath of python exe file

Cheers @kang0068

If I include ‘python.exe’ at the end of the file path, I could find the different error.
maybe the python version and file path are not problem…