Amazon Connect: Get Customer Input

I’m trying to make an outbound call using Amazon Connect, more specifically I’m using the Amazon Connect activities pack (activities Amazon Connect Scope and Make Voice Call)
During the call, the robot ask a question to the customer, which has to press a number, so I need to know what key has he/she press.
Could someone help me? Thank you so much in advance.

Is this related to Apps pages or UI path process? Please elaborate.

Hi Arvind, thank you for your answer.
I’ve been reading documentation about it, even I’ve found this repo:

The problem with this repo is that I don’t have the “aws.exe” file which is executed.
I make the call succesfully but I need to get the customer answer (the key he/she press) but I don’t know how to do it.

so what do you want to do into Apps with this amazon activity?