Amazon Connect Public Preview Release


Amazon Connect is Amazon’s service for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in the contact center. Amazon Connect has a single UI across both voice and chat for contact routing, queuing, analytics and management.

The UiPath.AmazonConnect.Activities package offers activities to initiate outgoing phone calls.

Activities List

Amazon Connect Scope - Connects to Amazon Connect and provides a scope for other activities.
Make Voice Call - Place a voice call and route the call to either an Amazon Connect contact flow or queue.

How to install

UiPath.AmazonConnect.Activities package is available in the Official feed. Please make sure to check ‘Include Prerelease’ in your Package Manager and then search for “UiPath.AmazonConnect.Activities”, and install the latest version.

Amazon Connect Activities should be visible now in UiPath Studio, as shown below:

How to use

The sample workflows below show how to use the Amazon Connect activities in practice.

Placing an outgoing call

This UiPath process uses Amazon Connect to place an outgoing phone call and routes that call to a given Contact Flow. It consists of the following workflow: (30.5 KB)

To exemplify, let’s go step by step through the process of creating the MakePhoneCall workflow:

  1. First, add an Amazon Connect Scope activity and set the values for the input parameters like in the screenshot below. In the sample workflow above, you can see that I got the values for these parameters from variables. Here is a short description of the activity’s parameters:

  1. Add Make Voice Call activity which can be used to place a phone call. The parameters of this activity are:
  • From (String) - The Amazon Connect phone number in E.164 format.
  • To (String) - The phone number to call, in E.164 format, e.g. +15558675310.
  • ContactFlowId (String) - The identifier of the contact flow for the outbound call.
  • QueueId (Boolean) - The identifier of the queue to put the outbound call in.
  • Attributes (Dictionary<String, String>)- A dictionary of key-value pairs. The attributes are standard Amazon Connect attributes, and can be accessed in contact flows just like any other contact attributes.

That’s all you need to do! Enjoy :smiley:


This one’s cool :slight_smile:



Everyday the integration tools are increasing … so cool.


cool, But where we get that AWS IAM key

would you please help me i try to get that where we get Amazon Connect Instance ID

how we get that @Vajrang @loginerror @sudheern @pavanh003

To get the Connect Instance ID, navigate to your instance’s admin page (Instance alias link) and take the ending GUID from the Instance ARN on the overview page

To get the AWS IAM Key, follow the instructions in the documentation:

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I am Getting This error when am creating Amazon Connect resource configuration

You’re signed in with an AWS account that was provided by AISPL. These accounts cannot create Amazon Connect instances. Sign in using an account provided by AWS, and then try to create an instance. Please contact support if you need further assistance
i am giving the same region what you gave in the screenshot (US West).

This is what I found online: Understand the differences between AWS and AISPL accounts

I suggest contacting AWS support to figure this out.

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