Am unable to send SMTP yahoo mail

Whenever i try to send a mail using yahoo it is throwing an erros as follows
“Send SMTP Mail Message: The SMTP server has unexpectedly disconnected.”. How can i overcome this ?

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1 ,

To overcome the error of “The SMTP server has unexpectedly disconnected” when trying to send a mail using Yahoo in UiPath, you can try the following solutions:

  1. Verify that the SMTP server and port used for Yahoo mail are correctly configured in UiPath.
  2. Make sure that your Yahoo mail account settings allow access for third-party applications like UiPath.
  3. Try using an alternative SMTP server or port in case there are issues with the default Yahoo settings.
  4. Restart both UiPath and your machine to clear any temporary glitches that may be causing the disconnection error.


Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

When you are using the send SMTP Mail message activity to send the yahoo mails then you have to give the yahoo SMTP Server name and port in the properties of this activity.

Check the below details of Server and port.
SMTP Server →
SMTP port-> 465

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

i did but still it isn’t working

Have you given your Yahoo Mail credentials in Username and Password fields… @Rohith_Kumar1

If yes, then you are using Office mail account then reach to your IT Team to enable the SMTP for your Mail Id. If SMTP is not enabled to your mail Id you are not able to send mails by using SMTP.

To enable the SMTP check the below one,

Hope you understand!!


  1. Yahoo SMTP Server Settings:
  • Confirm using the correct Yahoo SMTP server settings:
    • SMTP Server:
    • Port: 587 (or 465 with SSL)
    • Authentication: SSL or TLS
  1. Yahoo Account Security:
  • Allow access for less secure apps in your Yahoo account settings.
  1. Use App Password (if enabled):
  • Generate an “App Password” for two-factor authentication.
  1. Firewall and Antivirus:
  • Check for any blocking by firewall or antivirus software. Temporarily disable or add an exception for UiPath.
    Ensure using the latest version of “UiPath.Mail.Activities” package.

but i want to use yahoo

how can my org team enable yahoo smtp ?

Reach to the IT Team in your office to enable the Authentication for SMTP for your mail.

Hope you are understand!! @Rohith_Kumar1

is this done in my yahoo account settings or my manager need to do allow necessary permissions for this ?

Am still facing the issues to send mails via yahoo

Am still facing the issues to send mails via yahoo. I’ve contacted the team and they provided me the yahoo credentials and asked me to do it myself. Can you guide me further ?

No @Rohith_Kumar1

We can’t able to do it because there is no permissions to you to enable the SMTP Authentication.
Your IT Team only do it. Force them to enable SMTP.

Below one is useful to enable SMTP for Exchange Mail,

But I didn’t find any document for Yahoo.

Hope you understand!!

this is for outlook right …but I need it for yahoo …Anyway, thank you for your help.
And How can i make the process time triggered ?like to run a process at set of date and time ?

Okay @Rohith_Kumar1

Just for reference only I provided you the outlook.

Have you published your code to Orchestrator.

Then Go to Automation tab in Orchestrator → Open Triggers tab → Go to Time Triggers → Click on Add a new Time trigger option to create a time trigger.

→ After that give the Name of the Process in the Name Field.
→ Select the Process in the Process Name dropdown which you want to trigger
→ Provide the other details like Job Priority, run time.
→ Select the Advanced option and give the Cron expression when you want to trigger the bot

Check the below image for better understanding,

The Cron Expression is used to trigger the bot based on our required time. If you have any condition let me know then I’ll provide you the Cron Expression.

Hope it helps!!

I got this.

I’m facing a problem related to excel automation. I’ve developed the code but now struggling at final stage. The query is as follows :slight_smile:
“I have two excel sheets E1 with S1 sheet GSTIN_B, INVOICE_B, CGST_B &IGST_B columns and EA with SA sheet GSTIN_P, INVOICE_P, CGST_P &IGST_P columns. The statement here is If GSTIN_B = GSTIN_P and CGST_B=CGST_P and IGST_B=IGST_P then it should write in a new column as “Matched” in both the columns .If incase the same GSTIN_B, CGST_B, IGST_B columns contains the same value(GSTIN number, CGST and IGST )multiple times in a sheet then it should go consider INVOICE_B and start matching with INVOICE_P. If match found the write “MATCHED with INVOICE” else unmatched”. If u can’t understand then give me your number i’ll reach you there .

If your posted query or second query got resolved make my post mark as solution to close the loop.

You can ask your further queries by posting a new one then we will respond there… @Rohith_Kumar1

Hope you understand!!

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