Alternative column names in excel sheet


I’m developing an application which takes data from 4 different excel sheets and consolidates that data into one sheet.

Some of the columns are named slightly differently, but I want to use the same workflow for each data source. For instance, a column in one sheet is named completion time while another source uses the name deadline, but both of these should be consolidated into the same column in the final sheet.

Is there a way to specify several possible names for a column in the Get Row Item activity (I collect each row iteratively with a for each), or do I need to apply some sort of switch or similar?

Thank you!

If the structure is always the same, you could try operating on indexes instead.

Otherwise you will need either a switch-like construct, or translation workflows (renaming columns or remapping). Depends on how robust/expendable you want to make it.

The problem is that the source sheets are exported from a pre-existing system, with pre-defined columns. The differently named columns also have different indexes, so I can’t retrieve them from column number either.

I wanted to make it pretty robust and somewhat easy to reuse, as we have several similar tasks to this one that we want to automate.

I don’t think I’ve seen an example of a translation workflow, and I couldn’t find one when searching, do you have an example of how such a workflow could be made?

Thank you