Alias Name Not Supporting In DB Connection

Resolution when Orchestrator v2021.10.3 installer fails to connect to database.

Issue Description: Is SQL server alias name supported in latest version .msi file?


In latest version i.e. after 2021 switched the implementation of the SQL Client from System.Data.SqlClient, to a platform independent Microsoft.Data.SqlClient for Orchestrator / Identity.

Switch the runtime to dnx core 5.0, any attempts to connect to the database from the application fail with the SqlException 'The network path was not found.' Replacing the alias in the connection string with the actual server name resolves the issue. The connection string I'm using is included below,


"connectionString": "Server=aliasName;Database=dbName;Trusted_Connection=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"

The System.Data.SqlClient coreCLR library does not support SQL aliases and this is not a bug. It has different behavior for the previous and new version of MSI.

The SQL server alias is defined on each client machine and it points to a SQL server instance. The alias information is stored in the registry on Windows. This is a OS specific dependency which can work only on Windows.