About orchestrator setup

I want to setup Orchestrator but sql server another server. is this a problem or is ti possible. can I do it

Do you want to setup orchestrator other than SQL Server??
Currently it supports only SQL Server as per the UIPath - Orchestrator Prerequisites.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @Murat,
I think it’s doable. Just look at the documentation (point 6):

SQL Server Host - the name of the SQL Server machine. By default, this is set to localhost ( . ). If it is not the default instance, please also mention it in the MyMachine\MyInstance format. You can also specify a custom port number here using a comma, such as MyMachine\MyInstance,800 .

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It is doable

While you setting up orchestrator, it will prompt for the Database connection, then you have to provide the credentials servername etc., once it is accepted then you can proceed with the installation.

Setup will create a Database in another server and related tables


Hi @Pablito,
can show me where I can find the SQL Server Host name please?
I’ve tried everything without success
Thank you in advance

It depends where and how the SQL Server was implemented. You should better ask someone who owns it in your company/dept.