AI in Mortgage Banking

Looking for detailed product descriptions / automations in the Mortgage Banking area. Client is looking for AI / ML to interpret customer text information - questions about account / payment/ billing/ payoff - questions are in freeform text.

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I think your question is more towards data analytics and prediction models than automation topic itself. I think you might need to focus your research towards those technologies, and how they can be connected with automation tools if automation is required in some areas…

This is what I understood from your question… If you could give more info, I think I might be able to guide you…


Our client has recently acquired a Mortgage Servicing company and their monthly customer inquiries has grown from 500 per month to 5,000. They would like to
understand how RPA, AI and other means can automate customer inquiries into actionable responses.

I am looking for AI solutions (NLP, ML, CV) that would address this. In particular, I would like some recommendations on 3rd party AI components (NLP,
ML, CV) that might be appropriate for the Mortgage Banking servicing business line.

Below is sample of the free form text from the client’s website: