After uipath update: Input string was not in a correct format

Hello I updated Uipath to the latest version. The supplier had developed billing automation for us, but it is now bankrupt. But at the place of “convert” now stops. Maybe you can help how this can be fixed? Thank you in advance.



Hi, welcome to the community!
We know what the error means, but we cant say why you are having it without looking at the data you are trying to convert… Anyway, if you payed someone to develop something for you, they should also fix it right? :slight_smile:

Well, it already happens when the supplier goes bankrupt, no one can help anymore :slight_smile:

What data converts, I marked in red (see print screen)

Input: row(0).ToString

Ok, then, you need to look at that activity called Convert and its properties, to see what it is trying to do…


For some reason, it seems to me that some kind of plugin is needed here. Or maybe which version is wrong.

if the error is in there, then it is because row(0) is not a number… or it has like a format not proper to an int32… like too big or having decimal positions…

I so realized that he only has to take numbers. Because its scanning algorithm is as follows:

And then the scanned data looks like this:


But before that, in the old version, everything worked. Like I installed all the plugins, and the automation almost works, but I can’t overcome this place in any way … :frowning:

And then the scanned data looks like this:

so some of that are not numbers and will generate that error you have… also i see that some variables in your project are doubled, it will eventually give you problems too, you should delete one of those… just cant say which one from here…