Advantages of Excel Process Scope over Excel Application Scope. And updates of new activities please tell me

What are the new updates in excel activities and excel application scope vs excel process scope

Both have advantages and disadvantages. And a few significant differences as well to consider.
A few things to consider (not a complete list)

Excel Application Scope:

  • Opens Excel and the document (visible/invisible if required);
  • Usefull if multiple actions are to be done in sequence on the same document;
  • Comes with a wider range of activities / functionalities besides the basic read/write activities;
  • Option to save later after all changes are done, thus also giging the option not to save if some error handling requires this.

Excel System Integration:

  • Faster than the application scope;
  • Usefull if you want single actions in a document.

Relevant differences:
Especially on reading cells and ranges is data formatting. As we know Excel likes to think for itself on how data suach as dates and numbers are displayed, wether you like it or not. In the transfer of data from excel to UiPath variables you actually get different results between both methods, if your local regional settings are not default US/English. In my case it is Dutch and I have to be carefull mixing both methods since it yields inconsistent results.

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Thank you very much @Jeroen_van_Loon you explanation is very helpful for me.

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