Advanced OCR Tools like Document Understanding or Abby Flexicapture

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I’m looking for OCR solutions other than DU or Abbyy. Is there any other OCR software you would recommend?

My expectations are:

  • Software to test and prepare template data of the document (and maybe classificator)
  • integration with UiPath to read specific fields or to just receive decoded information from the specific part of the document
  • capable to read document which could be rotated
  • read scanned documents (or pictures of documents) (native PDF are not the case)
  • local processing of the document, not cloud (if possible)

I know that those two solutions are mostly fullfiling above requirements. I just wonder if there is some other reliable solutions to work with.


you can refer from here

if you, or your company are able to pay a license the google vision OCR will be the best choice, or you can select the UiPath or omnipage instead.

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I already seen video on YT with OCR comparison.

I am looking for solution where I can set fields which can be extracted from specific document. So, for ex. I could be able to set field of the logo (as validation anchor), few text field, some other elements. After preparing the model, OCR should be able to match the model with the document and read only required data from the field.

So that solution should be more secure than simple OCR Text Extractor, because robot would match the model with the document, so that will check if the document have required format.

so you can try with the DOM model?

@Yameso I believe there are no other OCR which performs better than DU. We might expect advanced ones from UiPath in future