Addrow in word file table

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I am trying to create a receipt in word file where in, adding row depends if member number increases.
After checking the number I tried to - right click - on word file , and select , Insert , and add row.
Could not do by any recording or , one by one steps, please help, below is the screenshot



Just wondering why you choose to edit the Word Document in Word. It would be easier probably to edit the data in a string or table within UiPath, then when your data is updated, output to your document.

If you do want to use the menu options in Word, let me recommend you to use the Alt+keycombinations. If you press the Alt key you will notice characters over the menu items and if you press one, another set of characters are displayed within that menu item.

For example,

However, like I said, it might be more reliable and easier to use String or Table manipulation to create your data that you want to output, then write it to the file.


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@ClaytonM, many thanks for your quick response,
Even if I use string or table , logic remain same, Insert a row in existing table in word doc, if next member details are available in next sequence of column, if null save the document, and go for next policy, attaching example files. (85.7 KB)

About alt +key , I tried searching shortcut key for inserting the row on the end of word table,no success.
I could find it possible only through right click in existing table > Insert> Insert Row Bottom , as in above screenshot and that is my target
Suggest if I am missing something

alt+jla? (works in 2010)

On key combinations. In Word select the table, now press the Alt key you will see at the top the characters come up and you should see “JL” under Table Layout, so if you press “J” then “L” you will see “A” and “E” over the Insert options.

that will insert a row below.

I’m having trouble providing screenshots of that but hope that explains it better.

yeah I think it works on the new versions too though, but could be wrong.
Found some info here too.

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Hi @hkjobs1988,
You achieve using the below invoke code

Reading the Table cell data of word Document and writing to an excel file