Adding text in excel and insert cell value in between texts

im new to UIPATH and I am stuck trying to do my flow… basically, i need to form a sentence without typing in to the cell in excel. i have a column with value inside the cell and i have to place that value into a completely empty cell but the value is in between the sentence.

How to add texts into the empty cell and include the cell value from another cell in between the texts?

Hy @Kate_Tan, Welcome to the UiPath Community.

Could you share some screenshots and your project file so I can better understando what you want to do?


this is just an example of what I want to do… I want to do from A to B.
thank you!!


Hy @Kate_Tan, understood!

I am working on a template I will post on a moment


Hy @Kate_Tan, please have a look at my workflow

If it is what you need please like my post and mark my answer as a solution, it helps me :slight_smile: (29.3 KB)

Any questions please let me know.


hi, it is possible for u to break down the variables and the steps u did to achieve this result?

Hy @Kate_Tan,

I am afraid I did not understood what you said. What do you want to do?

Are u able to write down the steps on what u did to achieve this result so that it’s easier for me to understand?

hi, what package is the “Convert to Array of Rows” in?

Hy @Kate_Tan,

I did the following:

  • Inside an ‘Excel Application Scope’ , with the Read Range Activity I populated an Data Table “DT”
  • I converted “DT” into an Array of Rows, for Looping pourposes
  • I used DT.Rows.IndexOf(rows(Counter))+2 to get the row of the process item
  • This is the code to write in the Excel file: "Insert " + Rows(Counter)(“Product”).ToString + “…”
  • I have updated the counter to get data from the array
  • The looping goes on until the end of the array is reached

Is it clear to you, do you have any more questions?



No custom package is required to run this activity. I have just converted all data table items into an array of strings

hi, understood. thank you so much!! are u able to construct a flow and send the information in column D to email and mail it to someone?

Hy @Kate_Tan,

Do you want to send each excel row to a different email or all to the same one?
Can the file be send just as an attachement?