Adding String Variable to Selector


I am attempting to add a string variable to a selector. See the screenshot below, the “If 1” i am attempting to replace with a string. The string will contain values: If 1, If 2, If 3 etc


Try this:

automationid=‘If “+i.Tostring+”(IfElseDesigner)’

Where i = 1,2,3…

Buddy @jon1302

Hope This would resolve buddy
Automation id = ’ " + variablename + " * ’

Where variablename = If 1 or If 2… Any value you want buddy

  • Will take any value next to that variable

The reason why added * next to the variablename is, its always the best practice to have a wildcard whenever we use a variable in a selector, because sometime that variable may return a space or even the selector might become dynamic
Thats y buddy

hi @lakshman and @Palaniyappan

I’ve entered as below but get an error

Kindly try this buddy
Automation id = ’ " + variablename + " * ’
Cheers @jon1302



Don’t indicate element the screen. Goto Target under Type Into activity properties and copy this selector directly in " ". Make sure this selector should be in single line.

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