Adding Image in Signature- Outlook mail, Body

Hi Team,

Need you advise. :slight_smile:
I am trying to add a GIF in outlook mail Body and the image I have saved is in D drive.

Can you experts please advise what and how I have to write in body so the GIF should be visible.

Because when I am trying with

img src=β€œD:\image\test.gif” alt=β€œtest” height=β€œ100” width=β€œ200”", I am getting it as text only. :frowning:


Note: I am running my XAML file from the server.

Look forward for your kind suggestion.

Kindly mention the source attribute alone along the node and try once
Like this in the mail body
β€œ<img src=β€œD:\image\test.gif” >”

Cheers @Rahulsinha

No, It doesnt work. :frowning:


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Still it has other attributes as well
Kindly keep the arc alone and try once

Cheers @Rahulsinha

Can you please tell me exacty How should I write this:

Body (String)

"Hi Team,

PFA the required information.



When I am trying to run the file, I am getting it blank after Regards

did it work ?

I tried with my RPA:

string.Format("<img border=0 width=468 height=80 src=""{0}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures\Long.files\image001.jpg"">", Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.UserProfile))

It doesn’t work.

Hi @Rahulsinha
Try with activty Create HTML Content