Adding data rows if two data tables match

Hello, in the attached i am trying to build two data tables showing matches and non matches between data.

There are three workflows: The parent workflow is CompanyDataSetmatch and within it “Update_Invoice_Data” and “Austria-copy”.

The first workflow, “Update_Invoice_Data” reads some Invoice Data and updates it. It has a column “SupplierTitle” which it copies and updates to a new column “SupplierTitle2”.

In the second workflow i am then reading a second data set, “Austria”, that contains a column “Company name”. I am trying to find matches between “SupplierTitle2” and “Company name”. If there is a match then i would like to add it to a new data table, “dtMatch”. Within “dtMatch” i want to keep the original data from the dtInvoice and add the additional columns from the Austria data.

If they do not match i want to add the data to a new data table “dtNoMatch”. Here i just want to display the Invoice data that does not match.

Currently it is not showing any data when i try to write the range for dtMatch and dtNoMatch.

CompanyDataSetMatch.xaml (7.9 KB)
Austria - Copy.xaml (28.8 KB)
Update_Invoice_Data.xaml (17.8 KB)
Austria.xlsx (11.8 KB)
Invoice Data.xlsx (659.9 KB)

Hey @jon1302

Just a quick point, Busy so lemme know this thread is helpful for your or not? based on your problem title :slight_smile: :slight_smile


Would this work with “If Contains”? My data in the column SupplierTitle2 will often be shorter than the data in the Company name column. e.g. SupplierTitle2 may be “Company A” whereas the Company name column may be “Company A Ltd”. So i have to use “If contains” for the two to match up correctly.

Hey @jon1302
Yes you have to use if contains if you want to get things with similarity.
The above case is idle for same values .