Adding attachment (xlxs-file) to outlook email UIpath

Hi! I have a simple process I am trying to figure out… All I want to do is to test how I can send outlook email with an excel file I have locally in my project folder attacted so the reciever gets the option to download it from my email.

I am able to send up the basics, I can send the email with my workflow but adding a excel file of mine, I dont understand… Anyone know? Much appriciated! I am new :smiley:

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Welcome to uipath community
In SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY we got an option that activity called ATTACH FILES where we can mention the filepath of the file we want to send as an attachment
So that it will sent as a file along with the mail content you have in send outlook mail activity

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Nicolasgena


Hi @Nicolasgena,
In the properties of send outllok mail activity , we have option to attach 1 or multiple files as email attachment.

In the value field you can either give the full file path or relative path(if the file exist within your project folder)

Please visit to know about activities usage and how to configure its properties.