Adding an entire row to a data table

I need to be able to add an entire row to a data table.

What I have done so far is I have cloned the structure of the other data table. And in that cloned DT, I need to add the new row using the Add Data Row activity.


Do you have any problem? We can add new row to the datatable from array or datarow.



Hi @Yoichi,

Yup I have done that in one of the sequence that I have. I just need to know if it’s the entire data row? I’ve seen it somewhere something like dtName.Item (?). I just cannot remember the exact thing to place.

I think I remembered it - it is dtName.ItemArray? @Yoichi

Hi @redanime94

I believe that you refer when looping through datatable and add the current row like this example


And if you want just to add a single row with any data you can use this example


Or to add entire row based on index use the below example, just keep in mind that the destination datatable should contains the same number of columns than the source datatable



hi @fernando_zuluaga - yup. The 3rd one is the one that I used in the project I am working on.


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