Add value to data table with assign activity

Hello friends,

I want to concat two values from a data table and add these as one value into a third column/cell (same Data Table).

First I extend the data table with “add Data Column” activity (“newColumn”).

  • The I use a for-each loop trough the data table and create a “concat_var”.
  • I assign this concat_var to dt.Rows(currentRowIndex)(“newColumn”)


And this is what I get when write range to Excel:

Can sombody tell me what I am doing wrong?


I assume that currentRowIndex is not handled but maybe somewhere declared so it is 0

dt.Rows(currentRowIndex)(“newColumn”) is handled like: dt.Rows(0)(“newColumn”)

as you already loop over the rows use row(“newColumn”) instead

also with debugging and breakpoint setting you can analyse more in detail. Give a try if issue still occurs

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Perfect!!! Thx it works!! :smiley:

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