Add two data tables


Can anyone help me on this?

I have two data tables like

Data table 1
Name , Number

Data table 2
ID , Place
231, India

i need output be like

Name, Number, ID, Place

How can i merge the data in this order…


Do you know that the rows will always match? i.e. row 1 in datatable 1 will always need to merge with row 1 in datatable 2, row 2 with row 2 etc.

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@Divya6 try this out, I have created some test data to read in, but you can replace it with your own data if you are happy with what it does

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Thanks for your prompt response.

But I could not see the activity inside of the For each row, please tell me the activity name which you used in that. image

This will be because I used a ‘Multiple Assign’ activity which is relatively new so instead you can use 2 assigns to do the same thing, I have adapted the code for you: (24.3 KB)


Thanks for your response.

Yeah, as you mentioned for this logic always rows count has to be match between two data tables. but in my scenario rows count may vary between to data tables.

please suggest me that how can we handle this scenario.

In order to match rows in one table with rows in another, where there is not a direct index correlation between the rows/tables, you will need both tables to share one common column of data, which contains a unique value for that set of rows. For example, if the name column exists in both tables, you can look for the rows in each table which have matching names and add the data together.

For your scenario, do both tables share a common value/column? In your original question they do not, in which case, how do you know which rows to match?

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