Add string output variable from the GetText into Build Data Table UiPath

Hello, anyone can help me to add the string output variable into value in the column Build Data Table activities? The information i attached as a screenshot.

screenshot 1 (Output GetText in string format variable):



Hope you created DataTable with Build DataTable activity.

If yes then use Add DataRow activity and pass that String into it to add to DataTable.


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We can do this in two way
If we know the position like at which row and which column to replace the value with (I.e., the row column if already exists) then we can use a Normal assign activity like this
Yourdatatable.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex) = DataClient.ToString

Where both rowindex and column index starts from 0 for first row and first column


If we don’t have the row , column already created and if we need to add a new row then we can use ADD DATAROW activity
Where we can mention like this is {variable.ToString} but this means the datatable has only one column in it

Cheers @Brian_Henokh1

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